Change of Season

Absolutely LOVE autumn here in Michigan. The only way to describe it is changes come blowing in on the crisp morning breeze. You know it’s coming (you’ve been here before), and your anticipation keeps you from thinking clearly. You ruminate over past autumns … people, places, events. And you try to figure out if this autumn is going to be delectably different — or deliciously the same.

I’m in a different place this year. Celebrating more … Wes is in college, I’m editing and writing on a regular basis (not a lot of fund-age yet, but it will come), Starbucks is a part of my past and micro-roasting at home a thing of my future.  Decided that things don’t “happen to you” as much as you making things happen.  Severed others control over my thoughts, my emotions … tied only to those I choose by cords of love, woven by my will and my desire.  Have made a way to, most of the time, operate under a  totally different set of criteria.

Yeah, I like autumn. I like where change takes you and I like the ability the changes give you to think a little clearer.

OK, enough self-actualization. If you want a “wow” moment, check this little tyke out:

Having a drummer (who started young) in my own house gave this post extra-meaning for me!


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