The Schizophrenia of it all …

I can’t decided what this blog should be, so for now, it’s taking on multiple personalities. Today, meet the Foodie, the person who is passionate with good food, both eating and creating it. It goes beyond the food … it’s the way something good to eat caresses our souls, brings us together, and causes some of us to wax philosophical about veggies, spices, and concoctions!

Todays entry: Fabulous Fall Potato Soup

This is done ala Lois Walker cooking school (my mom) … The woman didn’t write recipes down. She had this thought that a good cook simply got to “know” food, and how things should taste to delight their family. I am there. Funny, but this philosophy also is infused throughout the Kundalini school of Yoga … nothing measured. The cook is to be in relationship with the food, sharing life force and gentle thoughts of goodness and grace with those who eat their creations. Anyway … on to the recipe!

Cube your potatoes (I made about 1/2 pot full of an eight quart pot). Also added a couple of cubed carrots. Cover with water and cook until “almost” tender. In a frying pan I sauted a small onion and about 3T minced garlic in REAL butter. When the potatoes were “ready,” I drained them, added the onion mixture, and then about 3/4 of a “box” of chicken broth, and 2-3 C. low-fat milk (cream is better tasting, but not better on the butt). I let it cook about 15 minutes on low, then took out about 2 – 3 C., blended it smooth, and reintroduced it to the pot of soup. Continued to simmer about 20 minutes to thicken. That’s it! Oh! Salt and pepper to taste for seasoning after I added the blended soup back.

That’s it! I hold tightly to the belief that soup is a curative agent for most things that ail you. May this simple recipe be so for your soul today.



  1. Butterflygirl Said:

    I guess Amber told you she made some potato soup too…funny. It was delicious! I’m glad you posted this though. I miss doing my “What’s for Dinner” once a week. This has inspired me a bit. I just haven’t had the time to really think about it or experience it, and I find I am missing it greatly!! That’s probably what I should be writing my paper on…my relationship to food. Oh well, I’m doing it on my relationship to the Cardinal birds that come to our yard. I find I am liking my class…it challenges me. I know I’m not going to be a writer, but I do enjoy the challenge of it from time to time.

    • hippylostintime Said:

      I’ve read your stuff, and think you’re a great writer!!! So, knowing you’re a fellow foodie, why the bird and not the food??? I think that would have been an amazing paper as well. I’m soooo proud of you and excited for your experiences in school! Miss you — more so after we hang out for a bit — hoping to do a drop-by visit in a couple of weeks (non Home Team week). Peace out, Sista!

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