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The Schizophrenia of it all …

I can’t decided what this blog should be, so for now, it’s taking on multiple personalities. Today, meet the Foodie, the person who is passionate with good food, both eating and creating it. It goes beyond the food … it’s the way something good to eat caresses our souls, brings us together, and causes some of us to wax philosophical about veggies, spices, and concoctions!

Todays entry: Fabulous Fall Potato Soup

This is done ala Lois Walker cooking school (my mom) … The woman didn’t write recipes down. She had this thought that a good cook simply got to “know” food, and how things should taste to delight their family. I am there. Funny, but this philosophy also is infused throughout the Kundalini school of Yoga … nothing measured. The cook is to be in relationship with the food, sharing life force and gentle thoughts of goodness and grace with those who eat their creations. Anyway … on to the recipe!

Cube your potatoes (I made about 1/2 pot full of an eight quart pot). Also added a couple of cubed carrots. Cover with water and cook until “almost” tender. In a frying pan I sauted a small onion and about 3T minced garlic in REAL butter. When the potatoes were “ready,” I drained them, added the onion mixture, and then about 3/4 of a “box” of chicken broth, and 2-3 C. low-fat milk (cream is better tasting, but not better on the butt). I let it cook about 15 minutes on low, then took out about 2 – 3 C., blended it smooth, and reintroduced it to the pot of soup. Continued to simmer about 20 minutes to thicken. That’s it! Oh! Salt and pepper to taste for seasoning after I added the blended soup back.

That’s it! I hold tightly to the belief that soup is a curative agent for most things that ail you. May this simple recipe be so for your soul today.


The “F” Word …

Conversation this afternoon:

Me: “Yeah, there are some pretty cool things happening. But I have this philosophy about God and his desire to screw with my life.”

Friend: No response, just the regular smile.

Me: “So, I’ve decided that the safest thing for me in this situation is to not hope. I’m way too afraid to think about hoping for this.

Friend: “It’s OK. I’ll hope for you.”

Overwhelmed and under the wave of grace she plunged me into. I wonder … do I carry hope for friends who can’t carry it themselves? I want to.

Change of Season

Absolutely LOVE autumn here in Michigan. The only way to describe it is changes come blowing in on the crisp morning breeze. You know it’s coming (you’ve been here before), and your anticipation keeps you from thinking clearly. You ruminate over past autumns … people, places, events. And you try to figure out if this autumn is going to be delectably different — or deliciously the same.

I’m in a different place this year. Celebrating more … Wes is in college, I’m editing and writing on a regular basis (not a lot of fund-age yet, but it will come), Starbucks is a part of my past and micro-roasting at home a thing of my future.  Decided that things don’t “happen to you” as much as you making things happen.  Severed others control over my thoughts, my emotions … tied only to those I choose by cords of love, woven by my will and my desire.  Have made a way to, most of the time, operate under a  totally different set of criteria.

Yeah, I like autumn. I like where change takes you and I like the ability the changes give you to think a little clearer.

OK, enough self-actualization. If you want a “wow” moment, check this little tyke out:

Having a drummer (who started young) in my own house gave this post extra-meaning for me!

Back in the saddle again …

So, it’s been a while … “hippy” has gone through a season of serious schizophrenia and still is trying to figure out “what” to blog on.

I’m torn … I’ve become quite the foodie in the last year or so a food blog (heavy on the exploration and comedy) would be fun to do. But there are a million or more of those out there. How to be different enough to get someone to notice?

I’m a little opinionated.  (do I hear laughter over the webwaves?). So I have things to say about a lot of things. But I’ve found that’s a quick way to piss a lot of people off. Plus, just because I blog something doesn’t mean I’m really “doing” anything, you know? I could share information, but I’ve found that that simple act makes people mad, too. Wow, how I’ve seen posting something that doesn’t fit into someone’s small box of understanding can send people over the edge … I recently told a friend, “I’m kind of tired of being beat up so much … for simply thinking, and expressing opinions.”

Somehow thinking “different” incites usually nice people to say and do really mean things sometime …

I’ve also thought about a blog that touts the good things going on in my depressed neighborhood. You know, there are a lot of people complaining without doing anything. I think I want to be someone who shares the good midst the crap that is stinking all around me.

So, on the encouragement of good friends, I think I’ll cut my teeth a bit in this realm again. News, food and jive … maybe that’s a winning combination? We’ll see.

In the meantime, you can check out some of my other writing at And if you get  inspired to try some there, put my name down as a reference — I get credit. Or, you can be my Facebook friend, too. If you don’t know who I “really” am, send me a message here and we’ll talk.

So, here I am, back in the saddle again. I’m sure this isn’t always going to be pleasant for all of us, but let’s try and stay friends. Don’t look for me to join arguments — I’m done with that, and if you make me too frustrated with your small, unloving comments, I’ll simply delete your post.

We’ll give it a try. *sigh* Hopefully no one goes stupid this time …